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SkyJump FAQ

Photo of a blonde man jumping from the skyjump ride at the stratosphere tower

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is SkyJump?

It's the only sky jump in North America and the highest in the world. SkyJump is a controlled descent, similar to a vertical zip line. The launching pad platform is located on the 108th floor of Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas, 855 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. Jumpers are harnessed in and attached to a cable that is connected to a descender machine. Guide wires keep the SkyJumper on course and on target. Just before reaching the rapidly approaching ground, the SkyJumper is slowed down for a controlled and safe landing.

What are the weight requirements?

Jumper must weigh under 265 pounds. 

Can I bring my own personal recording devices?

Only SkyJump recording devices permitted. USBs for photos and videos of SkyJumper's experience are available inside the store for purchase.

What weather conditions will delay the ride?

Ride will close due to inclement weather. SkyJump cannot operate during winds over 44 miles per hour, or other extreme conditions like heavy rain and lightning. Fortunately, this is Las Vegas and it's usually clear and sunny.

Where's the best place for my friends/family to watch me from?

There is a special viewing area adjacent to the SkyJump landing pad, located right outside the SkyJump store. Viewers can watch SkyJumpers descending from the comfort of reclining chaise lounges directly below the platform.

Is there a secure place to put my personal items while I jump?

Yes, SkyJumpers will have access to their own personal locker, with a key.

Do you have a special "locals" price?

Yes, Nevada locals can jump for $99.99. There is also a “locals” discount for Tower Admission.

How safe is it?

SkyJump has operated for the last seven years with over 250,000 jumps. It is inspected daily by our ride engineers and is certified annually.

How many riders?

SkyJump can accommodate only one rider at a time, but reservations can be made in blocks so you can share the entire experience with your friends.

What do my friends do while I'm getting ready to jump?

Your friends will be plenty entertained as they peruse the SkyJump store and other stores in the Tower Shops. They can also pass the time enjoying the multiple attractions in the Stratosphere Tower.

What if I want to do it again?

You can, for $59.99, if you stay suited up and jump the same day or purchase the re-jump while purchasing the first jump. Or you can invest in a SkyJump package including a wristcam video of the jump, so you can relive the experience again and again.

How much time should I budget?

Between being suited up, taking the elevator ride to the 108th floor, undergoing multiple safety checks, standing on the ledge of the Tower and taking the 855-foot plunge, the experience totals about 35 to 45 minutes.

What else is there to do in the Tower other than SkyJump?

The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest observation tower in the U.S. and one of the most exciting attractions among Vegas Strip hotels with thrills you can't find anywhere else, including international shops and one-of-a-kind rides, like Big Shot, X-Scream and Insanity the Ride. There are plenty of places to grab a drink, including AirBar on Level 108 and 107 SkyLounge on Level 107. There's an award-winning restaurant, Top Of The World, and an international marketplace, the Tower Shops. The Observation Deck has been voted year after year as "The Best Place To View Las Vegas" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Click here for information on the Tower Experience .

What if I chicken out after I've already paid?

You will not be reimbursed. You will receive a "Chicken Out" voucher for what was originally purchased and may be transferable to another person.

Why do you need to know how much I weigh?

To ensure each individual jumper descends at the proper speed.

Do I need to wear special clothes?

No. You will be suited up in Stratosphere's custom "jumpsuit." We’ll provide you with a pair of Sky Shoes for jumping.


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