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Wild West Slot Tournament 2018

$25,000 Wild West Slot Tournament logo, January 18-21, 2018

1st PLACE $8,000 CASH


• 3-Night Stay with VIP Check-In
• One Tournament Entry for you and a friend
• Sunday Awards Brunch for two
• Earn a 4th Round and have a chance to improve your score
• Hot Seats every round
• Drawings at the Awards Brunch
Tournament Details:
Invited VIP Guests will play in a three-round slot tournament. Participants that earn 5,000 base points 3pm January 18 through 3pm January 21 will be able to play in a 4th round to increase their chances of a better score. Each participant will compete with their three (3) top scores. The top thirty (30) highest scores and five (5) Wild Cards will share prize money. Awards Brunch and drawings will be held on Sunday January 21 (10am – 11:30am).
Early Registration:
Thursday, January 18 from 5pm – 7pm
Tournament area next to ace | PLAYTM Center
Friday, January 19 from 2pm – 4pm
Tournament area next to ace | PLAY Center
Awards Brunch:
Sunday, January 21 from 10am – 11:30am
Stratosphere Theater

Prize Breakdown

4th - 6th
Slot Play
7th - 10th
Slot Play
11th - 14th
Slot Play
15th - 18th
Slot Play
19th - 26th
Slot Play
27th - 30th
Slot Play
Five (5) Wild Cards
$300 Each
Slot Play

$25,000 Wild West Slot Tournament Rules

January 18 – 21, 2018

  1. All invited participants and those who paid the $75 buy-in will play in three-round slot tournament.
  2. Participants that earn 5,000 base points from 3pm January 18 – 3pm January 20 will play in a fourth round.
  3. ace | PLAY kiosk Voucher must be redeemed at the tournament area between 5pm and 6pm on January 20.
  4. Each participant’s top three (3) scores will be totaled. The top three (3) winners will be paid in cash (winners have the option to choose Slot Play). All place winners other than 1st – 3rd will win Slot Play. (See Prize Breakdown).
  5. Winners must have played in all three rounds to qualify, otherwise prize is forfeited.
  6. Early Registration will be held on Thursday, January 18 from 5pm – 7pm at the tournament area next to the ace | PLAY Center. A second registration will be held on Friday, January 19 from 2pm – 4pm at the tournament area located next to the ace | PLAY Center.
  7. Participants must check in ten (10) minutes prior to their tournament session. If player is not there for the start of their session, they will either be rescheduled for a later session or disqualified if arrangements cannot be made.
  8. Participants must present valid photo ID at tournament check-in.
  9. There will be no smoking in the tournament area.
  10. Machines are set on an eight (8) minute timer.
  11. No money is required to play tournament machines.
  12. In the event of a tie for any place, prize money will be added among the tie placement winners and will be split evenly. (Example 10th and 11th place have the same amount of points therefore $500 and $350 is added together and split evenly for an amount of $425 each.)
  13. Participants must complete at least three (3) sessions to be eligible for prize money.
  14. One (1) alternate is allowed to play one (1) session per tournament. Alternate must possess their own ace | PLAY card and present it at the time of check in for the session they desire to play.
  15. Awards Brunch will be held in the Stratosphere Theater on Sunday, January 21 from 10am to 11:30am.
  16. Participants do not need to be present to collect their Prize money. Cash winners will have 24 hours to claim, otherwise cash will be converted into Slot Play. Slot Play will be applied to winners account within 90 minutes after results are announced.
  17. Whatever amount of Slot Play you download to a particular machine must be played at that machine until it is gone. Please download in increments. A maximum amount of $10,000 in Slot Play can be played per day and a maximum of $3,000 can be downloaded at a time.
  18. Total prize money advertised is a potential aggregate of all cash and slot play given out.
  19. Participants must be 21 years of age or older and able to present proof of age upon registration.

Hot Seat Drawings

Time: Prior to the start of each session
Prize: $25 Slot Play

  • All participants that play in the January 19 – 20 Wild West Slot Tournament will be eligible to win
  • ONE machine number will be randomly drawn and announced prior to each session. Winner must be present to win

Awards Brunch Drawings - Ten (10) $100 Slot Play Winners

  • Drawing is open to all $25,000 Wild West Slot Tournament participants at the Stratosphere
  • Drawing ticket will be given to the participant and their guest at the entrance of the Awards Brunch from 10am –10:45am on January 21, 2018
  • Winners can be announced any time between 10:45am – 11:30am. Winners must claim in person and have the matching ticket


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